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It is important to remember that as an employee, you have certain rights that are protected by law. Your employer is obligated to maintain a non-hostile work environment that is safe and does not discriminate against employees for any reason. Your employer must also fulfill its obligations as outlined in your employment contract, whether it is a verbal or a written agreement.

If your employer breaches your employment contract, you should seek an experienced employment law lawyer to safeguard your rights as an employee. The team at Scher Law Professional Corporation has wide-ranging employment law experience, including trying cases related to employment, human rights and disability insurance law. We’ll help you protect your employee rights and recover the damages you deserve.

The team at Scher Law Professional Corporation handles a broad range of employment and disability law matters, including cases related to:

To get to the bottom of any employment law issue your face, the employment lawyers at Scher Law Professional Corporation in Kitchener, Barrie and Sudbury can help you understand your rights as an employee.

If you have suffered a wrongful dismissal or other violation of your employment or human rights, contact the lawyers at Scher Law before you sign any release of your future rights.

Don’t sign and later regret receiving less than you are entitled to.

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