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Long-Term Disability and CPP Claims

After paying your premiums religiously for months, if not years, you believed that you could count on your long-term disability policy in the event that you were unable to work because of illness or disability. The decision to obtain long-term disability insurance was made for one simple reason: financial protection. You were told that by paying for long-term disability insurance, you would be given peace of mind knowing that both you and your family would not be left destitute if you could no longer work.

For many people, it is extremely unfortunate and frustrating to receive a notice from your insurance company advising that you do not qualify for the disability benefits that you believed you would receive. It can be even more frustrating when your insurance company makes a variety of excuses for denying your benefits. In other circumstances, many peoples’ claims are accepted but then after a period of time, they receive notice that they no longer qualify for the benefits and as such their benefits will be terminated.

At Scher Law, we represent dozens of people who have been denied their entitlement to long-term disability benefits. Our team of disability lawyers and paralegals has a reputation for excellence and a track record for success on long-term disability and Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) disability claims.

If your disability benefits are denied, if the definition of disability under your policy is changing, or if you are cut off or harassed by your insurance company, we can help. Contact Hugh Scher and the team at Scher Law PC to discuss your specific case.

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